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So, how to do this? You can either set it in the XAML or set in the code behind before doing the call. There was one report that with certain amounts of data was timing out so via Google, etc Silverlight Application Telerik Reports in a separate Class Web appliation hosting the Silverlight -- provides access to the reports via a ReportService.

This will generally come in the UI when busy loads BusyContentTemplate - You can change the content template of the Busy indicator DisplayAfter - Sets the time duration, after which the busy indicator will show in screen IsBusy - Gets or Sets whether the control will go to busy mode IsIndeterminate - Sets the indeterminate state of the busy indicator OverlayStyle - Changes the style of the overlay element ProgressBarStyle - Set this if you want to change the style of the Progress bar ProgressBarValue - Gets or Sets the value of the Progress bar that starts while in busy mode Have a look into the complete list of the members in RadBusyIndicator here: The result still comes back, but Firefox is no longer listening.

I'm now trying to provide the same reports to Silverlight clients from a central database through the WCF Report Service. This book will teach you the different aspects of the Telerik controls, from using the DataContext property to loading the controls using the Telerik API references.

It's not a firewall issue as it happens when everything is on the same machine. Don't forget to vote for it and leave your feedback.

UI for Silverlight

The service includes default report resolvers that are capable to resolve IReportDocument from relative and physical path that points to trdp or trdx file report definition serialized in XML or from assembly qualified name.

For the individual reports, I'm using the NeedDataSource event to access the report parameters, deserialize the selection criteria, retrieve and transform the required data, and then assign the report data sources. This will look as below: The Reporting Service acts as a communication interface between the client programs and the report server.

I managed to get the settings correct via httpBinding settings, IIS settings, and more and solved the problem. There is a single data query and subsequent transformation that results in a collection of objects. Most of the data-driven controls allow you to export data to a variety of formats.

It's very very odd. Let's run our sample application. In the main panel, you will see a template called "RadControls Silverlight Application".

This book will teach you the different aspects of the Telerik controls, from using the DataContext property to loading the controls using the Telerik API references. What you get is exceptional performance and a sleek end-user experience.

You will then move on to look at populating a generic list of objects from a database as well as serializing XML files into class objects.

NET framework decompilation time, JustDecompile came out 10 times faster than the leading commercial decompiler. Rich interactive and reusable reports can be created by developers in Visual Studio and by end users in the desktop-based Report Designer.

Working with Telerik Silverlight RadControls. Plus, the Silverlight XAP decompilation works from both your local file system and the web. This book will guide you through working with specific Telerik WPF controls as well as working with the database and other methods to load the controls.

To start the busy indicator, just set IsBusy to true and set it to false, when you want to close it. · At this point not much else is known other than the stack trace.

The stack trace suggests that this happens on selection done by dragging the mouse Product Tag Report Report Book Sales Dashboard Report Book. Demonstrates a collection of Product-related reports. loading help resources. Online Documentation; Forums; Knowledge Base; Code Library; Feedback Portal; compatibility.

System Requirements Progress, Telerik, and certain product names used herein are trademarks or registered  · Introduction. This is the 3 rd day when I explored the Telerik RadControls for Silverlight.

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Today, I explored the Masked TextBox control of Telerik. It's a good one and gives several options to use. In this article, I am going to describe all the APIs of Masked TextBox control and the ways to use it Telerik has 30 repositories available.

Follow their code on  · Dynamic Localization. Today’s global business environment makes multilingual and culturally-aware applications a must.

Telerik RadWizard for Silverlight provides dynamic localization support for all languages included in the UI for Silverlight suite out of the This book provides a complete guide to implementing Telerik’s range of and Silverlight controls.

Telerik controls are invaluable for and Silverlight developers because they provide a vast array of rich controls targeted for the presentation layer of web applications.

Telerik offers you solutions for the reports, grids, charts, and text .

Telerik silverlight report book
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